Internet of Things (IoT) made right!

The era of gadgets is over ... deploy the right thing for the right job.

Slyseed helps you leverage your business' efficiency and productivity with IoT.

A rare expertise of the Internet of Things

30+ years of aggregated experience in both embedded, mobile and cloud computing fields

Embedded Systems

Our team experienced years of broad embedded Linux developments in various fields (mobile payments, logistics, connected home etc.).

We help you introduce Linux, Android, OpenEmbedded and other open-source softwares in your embedded products.

From Linux kernel porting to device driver development, we help your team develop, build, and integrate the system that your hardware requires.

Mobile & Context-Aware apps

Since 2004, we developed numerous mobile applications for B2B customers on both PDA, feature phones, smartphones and tablets.

We are expert at building context-aware solutions that integrates wearables sensors & actuators.

Our team is able to develop for any kind of mobile systems including Android, iOS, Firefox and Windows systems.

Cloud & Big Data Infrastructure

We have the expertise to help you envision your move to the cloud, whether it involves migrating existing applications to an IaaS environment or developing new solutions to take full advantage of the cloud via a PaaS or SaaS-style solution.

We have experience with all aspects of cloud solutions from conception and planning, to design and implementation, as well as the complex ongoing operational aspects that the cloud can introduce.

Our vision and solutions for the Oil & Gas midstream industry

Meet The Team

Romain Pellerin

Romain has a PhD in computing from the Conservatoire des Arts & Métiers and Mines-Telecom at Paris, France. He previously founded and led a ten employee startup in the field of cloud and mobile computing for 7 years in France. He currently splits his time between Paris and Houston in order to develop Slyseed.

Romain Pellerin

PhD in Computing
Jean-Paul Etienne

Jean-Paul is a PhD candidate in Computing from the Conservatoire des Arts & Métiers at Paris, France. He is a skilled Embedded Linux kernel developer and system architect with several years of experience in device drivers development and hardware integration.

Jean-Paul Etienne

PhD in Computing
Florent Clairambault

Florent has a software engineering degree. He builds software and automate things around the IoT.

Florent Clairambault

Software Engineer


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  • Software development
  • API integration
  • A/B testing
  • Continuous delivery

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$2.2/ min
  • Architecture design
  • Specifications writing
  • Innovation management
  • Team leading

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